Dogeared Takes User-Generated Content to the Next Level

Speaker Title: Ashley Walkley, Director Brand and Strategic Initiatives, Dogeared

Video Transcription

Dogeared has really been about making good things happen through jewelry. We're primarily known for really simple sentimental jewelry with a message that speaks to our customer.

We're now known as a global accessories brand with over 2,500 retail partners worldwide. Obviously our dot com site, and in the coming year we'll be opening our first brick and mortar experience.

We reached out to Demandware when we realized we were going to start opening stores. Because the first thing that came to mind was really creating that Omni channel or cross channel solution for customers.

It's interesting to be someone, a new retailer, that's emerging into the brick and mortar space versus the other model, which is starting brick and mortar then going online. I think there are certain advantages, because I think we're a little bit smarter in terms of data. Knowing who our customer is and then figuring out how to meet them at different points.

I think the one reason that we decided to do brick and mortar is because we want people to experience the brand in an off line scenario. We want to have some control in terms of giving people the ability to come into a store and experience and create what we call smile moments.

We also want to look at what lifestyle components can we introduce into the store to keep them there. To have them coming back.

We want to bring social into the store. How can we know who they are and meet them on their journey?

We're seeing how important that is to the customers. They love having that visual content present.

When we launched with Olapic we had thousands of pieces of content. We were very fortunate in that aspect, but we saw that as a community that we could build online. Because I think our customers really wanted to see what real girls were doing with our product. How it was wearing, wear it laid, the length differentiators. It's really developed a new way for them to purchase on the customer journey, and a new path to purchase.

With the technology we're curating blogger, press, celebrity photos with the ability to shop the pictures directly from magazines or from a blogger.

We can look at photos on the back end and see which ones are driving the most revenue. Which ones are the most highly clicked on. We can actually serve that image on the alt-image page within Demandware by creating an API call. Having the customer be able to shop directly from that.

We're seeing tremendous results. So far it's been almost 10% of total sales for the company in the last year that it's launched. The AOV on those purchases tends to be upwards of 22% higher than a traditional purchase on site.

In addition for those who are actually interacting with that content, we see a 24% increase in conversion rate.

I think it's always hard to choose which piece of technology or which program to launch next. There's always ways to make things better for the customer. For us we really take a look at, where can we meet them and get the maximum value. Understanding that only biting off two or three projects, really key projects a year is great because you're going to see great tangible results. If you continue to chip away at them, you'll see great success as a brand.

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