OVS 2015 Pacesetter Highlights

Monica Gagliardi, Director of eCommerce, CRM, Web and Digital at OVS SpA

Video Transcript

I’m really happy to be here to share the OVS vision and our big evolution from customer to omni-customer strategy.

OVS is an Italian group. It is the largest Italian fashion retailer listed on the Italian stock exchange since March 2015. We manage 5 brands in the apparel market.

We launched in May 2013 with the Demandware Cloud platform, we launched ecommerce. OVS.it. Finally online and offline started to close in the best way.

We want to create a fantastic experience without boundaries. We want to help our customer be a little bit free.

I started with the mobile….“Because my dream was to put in the mobile my store. For us, the app is the passport to the digital experience.

In the magic fitting room , it is possible to can scan a barcode…and finally send a message to the ipad of my shopping assistant and my assistant brings the new product. It’s also possible to do the selfie. Because we also believe in the social, in the interaction.

We have click and collect – 24% of orders are collected in store. And when my customers come in the store, 40% also do shopping in the store.

The way we say thank you is to create the best shopping experience. Everywhere. And every time.  Because OVS exists for my customer 24 hours, every day.

Results – Really, really big results….In one year, we increased more than 100%. We increased the conversion rate of our ecommerce thanks to our CRM approach.

For us, it’s important to make beauty and style democratic. For us, technology is the weapon to achieve this goal.

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