Pacesetter Video Highlights

• Elana Anderson, SVP of Worldwide Marketing, Demandware

Video transcript

Elana Anderson, SVP of Worldwide Marketing

It is my pleasure this afternoon to host the 2015 Commerce Pacesetter Awards session. A pacesetter is a person, group or organization that is the most progressive or successful and serves as a model that is to be imitated. And that’s exactly what our pacesetters are today.


Client Statements

Speaker title: Meghan Litchfield, Senior Director of Global eCommerce, GoPro
We replatformed our entire site, our store section of our site, onto Demandware. is a complex business. We have 3 shipping locations, ship to over 200 countries, operate in 9 language and 13 currencies. ….We had a complex implementations – over 19 integration.
We really set ourselves up for failure – we really tried to fail. We had the Demandware launch in August, we had our IPO and our key selling season for the holiday. We left no room for error.
We launched in over 4.5 months – in 21 weeks. 
Our results have been amazing.
We had no outages during holiday. Cyber Monday was our biggest day in history.
We also had the best global product launch in history. On Demandware, we did a well-coordinated, seamless global product launch.
10:28 We sold the most units we’ve ever sold of cameras.


OVS – Innovative Customer Experience

Speaker title: Monica Gagliardi, Director of eCommerce, CRM, Web and Digital at OVS SpA
For us, for OVS, customer – stop.  This word doesn’t exist. Now, our word is omni-customer.
The way we OVS has chosen say thank you is to create the best shopping experience. Everywhere. And every time.  Because OVS exists for my customer 24 hours, every day.
 “Because my dream was to put in the mobile my store. We created an app, and for us, the app is the passport to the digital experience.
The reason why we created the magic fitting room.  The magic fitting room is there is a 70 in hi-res display and camera. My customer can show his image…with only one touch can also look at back. 2) can scan a barcode…and finally send a message to the ipad of my shopping assistant and my assistant brings the new product.
We have click and collect – 24% of orders are collected in store. And when my customers come in the store, 40% also do shopping in the store.
In one year, we increased more than 100%.


Adidas – Sustained Growth

Speaker Titles

Melinda Mason, Senior Director Global eCommerce Applications at adidas Group
Dan McCauley, Head of Global Business Operations - eCommerce at adidas group

Leading up to this point, technology had been a barrier to truly meet the needs of our consumer. To this end, we partnered with Demandware to build a best-in-class technology platform…
How did we do it? First we started with a foundation, so that one site, creating a consistent, non-fragmented consumer experience. We created a template solution to cover 60-80% of the functionality that can be reused in many countries.
 “Lastly was enhancements, building on the foundation with the introduction of new features and innovation.”
We started with an innovation team and launched Window shopping…an application integrated with the Demandware APIs…and enables consumers to literally browse and shop from the window of a closed store.”
In 2014, we also rolled out a second innovation project, leveraging the Demandware APIs and this is called the miZX Flux app.
We now had a global footprint on Demandware. 42 shops, 26 adidas and 16 reebok. Live in 26 markets in local languages with relevant mark and payment types. …. As we grew over the last 4 years with market coverage and sales growth, this same growth occurred in the amount of people, the team size, and ecommerce capability and functionality. The result was explosive sales growth. 

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