True Religion Digital Sales Floor

Speaker: John Hazen, VP of Omnichannel Commerce and Digital Innovation,True Religion


Video Transcription

True Religion is a brand for bold people. True Religion is a brand for people who want to look different, who want to stand out from the crowd. We know that, we embrace that. You don't buy True Religion jeans to be a wall flower. We have 160 stores. We have 60 outlet stores and 100 full priced stores, and that is the blood, the heart of our business.

Our customers are loyalists. We have freshness in the store every week, and they buy new items on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, so a tremendous amount of our business is based on those loyal customers coming in to our brick and mortar stores.

Demandware is a key component of our Omnichannel strategy. We created a Digital Endless Aisle powered by Demandware in stores.

Having an Endless Aisle solution that supports the concept of really good store associates who are really good at selling, who are incentivized to sell, who are paid by how much they sell. If you don't have store associates who believe in your omnichannel or Endless Aisle initiatives in your store, they will fail. Having a point of sale system that is integrated into those Endless Aisle initiatives is critical.

My butt is on the line to hit our revenue budget numbers and our profitability, our EBITDA numbers for the e-commerce business. At the same time, I took my entire client base, hundreds of thousands of customers who bought online, and I put those customers into a clientelling tool for our stores. I told our stores, and I met with all of our district managers, to steal my customers. I wanted those customers to buy less from me online and more in stores. Our conversion in stores is 15 to 20 times higher than what you see online, which is pretty typical of a lot of retailers, especially in the luxury space.

The other big philosophical change for our stores was the idea of helping customers gather more efficiently. We leveraged Demandware from an endless aisle perspective, not for consumers to play with, but for our store associates. We called it Digital Sales Floor.

Let’s get that size question out of the way first. A customer walks in, says, "I'm looking for white jeans." We say, "Great," let's come over to this Digital Sales Floor powered by Demandware, "What size are you looking for? 32s? 33s?" Let's refine by those sizes first, now I'm going to start by showing you all the white jeans we have in your size. I'm not going to show you all the white jeans, then disappoint you. I'm going to show you the white jeans that meet the needs that you have.

The term we use is charge-sends, so charged in this store and sent to another store or sent to your home. Our charge-send numbers in the stores that have the Demandware-driven Digital Sales Floor are absolutely going up. We're seeing increases of high double digits…

We believe, as a company, I believe, as a person, that consumers don't need anymore kiosks. They have that power in their pocket with an iPhone.

Our mobile numbers are north of 65% of our traffic every single day. We've got a very, very mobile customer, and we've had to really switch and change our mentality to start with a mobile first design when we started redesigning our platform on Demandware.

Having that digital experience in store, and really delivering a true clientelling experience where we surprise and delight our customers in store is critical. Bringing those 2 worlds together, e-commerce and the brick and mortar digital slash clientelling experience, is kind of the holy grail of where we're going.

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