Drive digital transformation with virtual point of sale solutions

Virtual point of sale (virtual POS) technology is helping to revolutionize the retail industry, transforming cumbersome legacy technologies into lean and agile digital solutions. Virtual point of sale applications enable any internet-connected device to become a POS terminal, freeing store associates to process transactions and serve customers anywhere in the store.
More importantly, virtual point of sale technology enables retailers to digitize retail operations and deliver the omni-channel shopping experience that customers demand.  With virtual point of sale systems connected to a unified commerce platform, associates have comprehensive customer and product data at their fingertips. They can help shoppers view inventory that isn’t on the shelf, find the products they are looking for, merge online shopping carts with their in-store selections, complete purchases and ship merchandise anywhere.

To meet the demands of omni-channel commerce and realize the potential of virtual point of sale technology, enterprises require a sophisticated platform that simplifies the task of unifying online and in-store shopping.  For some of the world’s leading retailers and brands, Demandware provides just such an ecommerce platform.

Virtual point of sale solutions from Demandware

The Demandware Commerce Cloud is a unified platform for omni-channel engagement and fulfillment, providing a highly scalable cloud-based infrastructure to digitize retail operations.  As a cloud-based commerce platform, Demandware delivers the agility retailers need to innovate and compete in a quickly-evolving and consumer-driven marketplace. 

Demandware virtual POS technology overcomes an inherent challenge of in-store cloud delivery. That is, redundancy ensures business continuity in the event of an outage.

Demandware virtual point of sale solutions offer fixed and mobile options, including:

  • Tablet options
  • Native iPod and iPad configurations
  • Multiple 'sled' and peripheral options
  • A cloud API that can support thousands of devices in real time

Unifying virtual point of sale with commerce operations

The virtual point of sale solution is part of the comprehensive Demandware platform for omni-channel commerce.  In addition to virtual point of sale technologies that digitize the retail store, Demandware Commerce includes solutions for:

  • Omni-channel operations, helping to manage inventory with a view of real-time quantities across multiple locations, and enabling a “buy anywhere, fulfill anywhere and service anywhere” consumer experience.
  • Managing multiple brands and sites, providing a common infrastructure to leverage existing work and content across brands, sites, categories, catalogs and consumer experiences.
  • Global expansion, providing a single global template to manage retail operations for different customs, cultures, currencies and languages.
  • Personalization, providing more personalized shopping experiences by connecting data points and applying predictive intelligence to the complete picture of the shopper’s journey. 
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