Virtual POS technology powers eCommerce

Virtual point of sale (POS) technology is helping to drive digital transformation in the retail industry.  Enabling merchants to process orders on laptops, tablets or smartphones, virtual POS technology provides enormous advantages over traditional POS technology.  Retail associates can execute transactions anywhere in the store and have complete customer data at their fingertips.  By turning existing laptops and tablets into virtual POS machines, retailers save on the cost of proprietary POS terminals that are often expensive to license and maintain.  And virtual POS applications provide much greater flexibility and potential for customization.

Even more importantly, virtual POS technology supports retailers in their move to adopt a unified ecommerce platform with access to comprehensive consumer, product, inventory, order and pricing information.  With access to real-time data through single intuitive platform, retailers can easily and effectively provide the true omni-channel shopping experience that customers are demanding.

Virtual POS from Demandware

Demandware provides enterprise cloud commerce solutions that empower the some of the world’s leading retailers to continuously innovate in a complex, consumer-driven world. The Demandware Commerce Cloud provides a digital backbone for leading brands and retailers striving to maintain competitiveness in a marketplace increasingly moving to omni-channel commerce. Demandware virtual POS technology overcomes an inherent critical challenge of in-store cloud delivery. That is, redundancy ensures business continuity in the event of an outage.

Our fixed and mobile options for virtual POS include:

  • Native iPod and iPad configurations
  • Tablet options
  • Multiple 'sled' and peripheral options
  • A cloud API that can support thousands of devices in real time

Connecting virtual POS to a unified eCommerce platform

In addition to virtual POS capabilities, Demandware Commerce provides robust capabilities that enable retailers to deliver a better experience for customers and business users alike. These include:

  • Merchandising tools that let merchants anticipate shoppers’ needs and syndicate content to help consumers find and buy what they want quickly and easily.
  • Marketing solutions to drive more quality traffic with capabilities for personalization, search, targeting and promotions.
  • Order management tools to provide an enterprise-wide view of inventory in real time, powering “ship-to-store” capabilities.
  • Development tools to custom-build rich and engaging consumer experiences.
  • Operations capabilities that enable users to collaborate globally while allowing administrators to maintain security and control.
  • Intelligence solutions that provide retail insight into shopping trends and growth opportunities, and predictive intelligence that enables retailers to enhance marketing and on-site merchandising with more relevant messages for customers.
  • Personalization capabilities that allow retailers to connect data points and drive more personalized shopping experiences.
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